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Abusive Jeepney Drivers!

Well, I should have posted this yesterday but due to lack of time and the need of my body to sleep i was only able to blog it today. 

Since I am now working in Shaw, I have to take a jeepney ride from my place to workplace taking the Tanay-Binangonan-Antipolo-Crossing jeepney route.


Let me start this with a strong statement. Jeepney drivers and barters of this route are abusive!

Why did I say so?


Its been three weeks already of commuting and riding jeepneys everyday and I must say that I had horrifying experiences already.


Few weeks ago, I witnessed a bloody fist fight of two jeepney drivers and their barters. Well, it is not really a fist fight because they used “tubo” which makes it bloody. The reason why they fought is so shallow. Nag uunahan sila kumuha ng pasahero. Its amazing yet scary to see that these souls are ready to kill in exchange for a small amount of income. Policemen rush towards the scene and the tubuhan fight ended.


The jeepney terminal for this route is just beside our building. So everytime i go home, that is the spot that I go to get a ride. 


The Jeepney Terminal in Crossing

Apparently, these jeepney drivers doesnt know how what “overloading” is. Aside from making a 20 seater jeepney to a 22 seater, they are also fond of putting a small stool in the middle of the jeepney for two passengers to  squat and sit in. I always make a point to get my self a good seat near the front or the middle so I can seat decently but not comfortably since they will overload the jeep as much as they can anyway.


The fare going to my place is just 10 pesos but because this drivers are rip offs and money mongers, they made their own version of fare matrix. They make the minimum fare as 15 pesos instead of 8 pesos. So whether you will just get off in the next kanto, it is 15 pesos already. These folks are genius. Dapat ginawa na lang 16 pesos para obvious na dinoble nila. A violation of LTFRB I think.


Aside from creating their own overpriced fare and overloading, they also have this practice wherein, if you are the passenger na unang bababa, you will be the lucky one to seat on the wooden stool placed in between of the two rows. Apparently, since my drop off point is pretty near, I am always the victim of this practice. I am not ammendable by it for obvious reasons. I mean who’s not? who’s willing to seat on that small improvized seat in rows in between. It’s a disaster and a big hassle specially with my size. Lol.


Unfortunately, I’m a big, fat and sexy guy. I cannot really sit on those improvized chair because of my belly and my big legs too. Well if I am petite then maybe I can but I am not. And Besides, since the fare was doubled and overpriced, I am sure that even the petites are not willing to sit in this seat either.


Everytime I went home, I always face this challenge not to be seated on this throne. And I think the more I wish that I am not the lucky one lagi na lang natitiyempo na ako yung pinakamalapit na bababa. There was one time that I don’t have a choice but to abide with them. (Bait baitan) and I tried sitting on that chair and during the ride namamanhid yung paa ko. It is not really comfortable. There is also a time when I refuse and politely told the barter that I have pilay and it worked. The next incidents, nagpatay malisya na lang ako like pagtinatanong nila kung sino pinakamalapit kunwari hindi ko narinig.


One time I did that but unfortunately the dedma technique failed me. I have the exact 15 peso fare that time and so nagbayad na lang ako nung baba na ako. So because of the chair in between the rows, I cannot go down easily without the guy sitting on the magic seat standing and getting off the jeep too. Nung nangyari to, minura ako nung barter. I cannot remember exactly what he said but I’m sure he cursed me kasi abala daw. As if it was a free ride.


Yesterday, I think the worst happened. Una palang bastos at arogante na talaga yung barter. Pinupuno palang yung jip mainit na ulo nya. He even said, “Yung mga matataba doble ang ibayad kung ayaw umusog”  Aray! Syempre affected ako. This guy is really an ass. I was trying to give him a tiger look to get ready for his next question kung sino ba ang pinakamalapit. Then finally he asked, and boom! Ako na naman. This time, I said no and fight for my right as a passenger! If there is really a right. I used my witt this time. I said “Nauna ako umupo dito bakit ako lilipat dyan e magbabayad naman ako” For sure he did not like my answer, and he began to mock me. He said “Ang arte arte mo! Susunod magtaxi ka!” At sumagot pa talaga ang loko. Hindi man lang kinabahan ng konti. Of course papatalo ba naman ako. So this time dinaan ko sa pera. Sabi ko “Eto isang daan, magkano ba hanggang dulo ng biyahe nyo? Babayaran ko. Hindi naman kasi ibig sabihin na porke malapit ako baba pwede mo na ako utusan na umupo sa upuan na ayoko upuan, tingin mo kasya ako dyan and besides magbabayad naman ako na dapat minimum pero ginawa nyong kinse. In the first place, overloading tong ginagawa nyo bawal yan.” Natahimik na lang sya while he accepted Manuel Roxas. Ok I won the argument. Say goodbye to 45 pesos to think that my fare should only be 15 pesos or technically should only be 8 pesos. The old woman beside me, whispers in my ear. “Iho, wag mo na sagutin at bastos talaga yang tao na yan, walang pinag aralan.”


Then finally I said “sa tabi na lang po” to signal the driver to pull over. Nung bumababa ako, aba sabi ba naman nung loko “kung ayaw mo yung patakaran dito ireport mo sa pulis samahan pa kita at baka ikaw pa ang mareklamo.” I was amazed with what I heard. Ang lakas naman ng loob ng lalakeng to na hamunin ako na ireport yung mga violation nila sa pulis and eventually sure na in the end hindi sila mananagot. An idea quickly burst in my brain. I am certain na naglalagay mga to sa pulis. Well that is not something new. I don’t have enough information to support my claim though. Mine is just an idea. But come on, lets get real think about it. Its been like this everyday, that they overload their jeepneys, doubled the fare and it seemed like it was a normal practice already, wala man lang ba ni isa sa kanila na nahuli?


Well, ganito na ata lakaran ngayon sa lipunan. So here I am, instead of taking a short jeepney ride going home and going to work, I decided to just take a 2 bus ride. Mas di hamak na kumportable and the chances of you to encounter a napakabastos na bus driver or conductor is I think rare. Though seriously,  I think it is more of just my ego, principle and pride.


Lesson earned: The perfect example of a law abiding citizen are the jeepney drivers of this route TANAY ANTIPOLO CROSSING route. Kaya hindi tayo umaasenso eh.

I tried googling about the jeepney terminal in crossing and I am not surprised when I saw this:

So I am not just the only one having this sentiment. The post was dated March. It is already September. I think we should change the uniforms of our policemen to pink. wala lang para fashionable. lol

Do you have experiences like this? Drop me a comment below and let me know what you think. Feedback is a gift!


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